52 West End Road, Ohope Beach, New Zealand

If you're wanting to enjoy the outdoors we have boogie boards available for guest use, and barbecues for those frequent sunny days.
There are a number of activities in the area, which we would be happy to help you experience.


The seas around Ohope abound with fish and our local Big Game Fishing Club holds a number of New Zealand and World record catches. Sophisticated, safe and experienced charters are readily available. World-famous river and lake trout fishing with or without guides can be enjoyed within an easy drive of Ohope.


Ohope boasts an excellent golf course, only 10 minutes drive from the motel. You don't have to be a member to play there either!


There are often large pods of dolphins in the area and charters will take you out from Whakatane for the amazing experience of swimming with these friendly creatures.


We are always happy to take you to the start of the Kohi Point Walkway where you can enjoy one of the most picturesque short sea walks in the world. The end of the walk is only a couple of hundred metres from the motel.

Ohope Harbourside Trail

This path for cyclists and walkers alike is a gentle amble for all ages and abilities along the shoreline of one of New Zealand's most unspoiled estuaries, Ōhiwa Harbour. With a multitude of birdlife, shellfish and fish species, the harbour has long held cultural significance to tangata whenua. Traversing esplanade and recreational reserves, the walk has been designed to ensure the least disruption to the natural environment while allowing for stunning views.

West End, Ohope Beach

The western end of Ohope Beach – commonly just called West End – is the most popular part of the beach. It's great for surfing, kayaking, or just relaxing and taking in the scenery. The sand slopes into the sea very gradually at all parts of the beach, and this is especially true of West End. During low tide, you can walk hundreds of metres off shore before you'll be up to your waist in the surf. This makes the area great for swimming, especially for kids.